Microsoft Azure

Connection Requirements

1 - URL

Url Address:

2 - Tenant ID

Follow these steps to retrieve the ID for an Azure AD tenant in the Azure portal.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Confirm that you are signed into the tenant for which you want to retrieve the ID. If not, switch directories so that you're working in the right tenant.

  3. Under the Azure services heading, select Azure Active Directory.

  4. Find the Tenant ID in the Basic information section of the Overview screen.

  5. Copy the Tenant ID.

3 - Client ID

  1. Login into your azure account.

  2. Select azure active directory in the left sidebar.

  3. Click Enterprise applications.

  4. Click All applications.

  5. Select the application which you have created.

  6. Click Properties.

  7. Copy the Application ID

4 - Client Secret

  1. Navigate to your app registration in the Azure portal.

  2. Select the Certificates & secrets setting.

  3. Under Client secrets, click New client secret to create a new secret.

  4. Provide a description for the secret, and choose the desired expiration interval.

  5. Immediately copy the value of the new secret to a secure location. The full value is displayed to you only once.

5 - Subscription ID

Follow these steps to get the identity of a subscription in the Azure portal.

  1. Sign in Azure Portal.

  2. Under the Azure services heading, select Subscriptions.

  3. Find the Subscription ID for the subscription shown in the second column.

  4. Copy the Subscription ID.


Please perform a connection test to ensure there is a valid connection to the Microsoft Azure host. When the discovery operation finalized you will be able to see the details on Assets page.

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