Release Notes - OctoXLabs 2.5.0


  • Fixed ldap user creation

  • Fixed vmware center filters

  • Fixed all connections enabled/disabled option

  • Fixed pdf report blank page

  • Fixed smtp connection test

  • Fixed workflows empty conditions

  • Fixed discovery with 0 enabled adapter

  • Fixed zero division error in pdf reports

  • Fixed filters in dashboard

  • Fixed system logging

  • Fixed adapter progressing steps

  • Fixed application names in application inventory

  • Fixed tenable security center adapter

  • Fixed duplicate mac addresses

New Adapters

  • Scopnet NAC

  • Cisco AMP

  • TrendMicro Apex One

  • Customizable Mssql Adapter

  • Microsoft Defender ATP

New Workflow Jobs/Integrations

  • Webhook

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Jira

Minor Features

  • Search bar for vulnerabilities and services in asset detail

  • Separate Public/Private Ip Addresses

  • Auto-refresh in reports page

  • Reset Logo button in company settings

  • Public/Private option in saved queries

  • No-lock option for mssql connections

Major Features

  • Percentile Chart

  • Query Historical Chart (day-by-day)

  • New User Type as Auditor

  • SSH Connections for moving your reports

  • System Information page for monitoring cpu and memory usage

  • CSV and PDF Reports for application inventory

  • Syslog Configuration

  • Memory Optimization

  • Search with subnets

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