ForcePoint DLP

Connection Requirements

1 - IP

MSSQL Server IP Address.

2 - Port

Port number (optional, default: 1433)

3 - Domain

Domain FQDN.

4 - Database

Base database.

Database name could be like "wbsn-data-security".

5 - Username

Value provided in username must have "Read" permission to devices and MSSQL server.

To create a User:

  1. Open MSSQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Go to Security folder and right click Login after that click New Login.

  3. Select the authentication used in the server.

  4. Fill in the details and select your database in Default Database.

  5. Save User.

  6. Login to the database with this user once to avoid an error.

The user must have ''Select'' and "List" privileges.

6 - Password

The Password of the provided username.


Please perform a connection test to ensure there is a valid connection to the ForcePoint DLP host. When the discovery operation finalized you will be able to see the details on Assets page.

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