Release Notes - OctoXLabs 2.2.1

In this release, we present a new user-friendly interface and new aggregation methods to our customers. Also now, you have more operational capabilities with our new major features like workflows and application inventory.


Our scheduled, event-based integrations like mail notification, Jira, teams, slack etc. are active now. You will be able to more easily track your assets and their security problems with this innovation. You can create advanced conditions like count of assets in the subnet, an average of vulnerability’ CVSS score, etc. and link them to your integrations.

Application Inventory

You will now be able to follow the applications installed on your devices from a single screen. In this way, you can easily monitor which version applications are on which device and take the necessary actions.

Major Features


  • Scheduled, manual and event-based triggers

  • Advanced conditions with the count, min, max, avg functions and AND/OR operators

  • New orders with job integrations

Application Inventory

  • Count of your all applications and their versions

  • Create groups with many applications and store them count.

  • Search your application

Minor features

  • Query Wizard for advanced and complicated queries.

  • Search assets in discovery history.

  • Edit Columns in the assets search screen.

  • Add charts to pdf reports.

  • Report builder for easier to create reports.

  • User management and authentication with LDAP.

  • Set priority or order to adapters for aggregation.

  • Customize the login page with your company logo.

  • Assign tags to your queries.

  • Add tags and notes to your specific devices.

  • Advanced tracking for a license.

  • Multiple dashboards and sorting between them.

  • Category, Adapters, Domain, OS Types and Tags based filters in dashboards.

  • Advanced user activities. (Search, filter)

  • Discovery and System logs. (Search, filter)


  • Fixed selected queries in chart editing.

  • Fixed pdf reports stuck problem.

  • Fixed discovery progress bar.

  • Fixed discovery schedule timezone.

  • Fixed dark mode colors.

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