Release Notes - OctoXLabs 3.1.0


  • Fixed created time in user inventory
  • Fixed avm service health check
  • Fixed otp error in manage engine 14.x version
  • Fixed query device count while discovery is running
  • Fixed rsa archer and csv file adapters mapping
  • Fixed splunk time range
  • Fixed composite query edit
  • Fixed forcepoint adapter domain field
  • Fixed airwatch adapter hostname and macaddresses fields
  • Fixed show items in saved queries screen
  • Fixed csv file adapter encoding error
  • Fixed mail integration's attachment in action center

New Adapters

  • Fortinet FortiNAC
  • JSON File Adapter

Minor Features

  • Added sysinfo to FireEye HX Adapter
  • Added device counts to Action Center

Major Features

  • Send only differences devices on Action Center
  • Palo Alto XSoar Integration

Integration Exam

Our Cortex XSoar integration enabled now. You can use OctoxLabs platform in your SOAR operations with Cortex XSoar. Follow links for details;
Check out for command examples