Microsoft Defender for IoT (formerly CyberX)

Connection Requirements

1 - IP

IP address of the Cyber X.

2 - Port

Port number (optional, default: 1433).

3 - Authorization Token

All user roles work with API and you need access token for APIs.

To generate a token:

  1. In the System Settings window, select Integrations > Access Tokens.

  2. Select Generate token.

  3. In Description, describe what the new token is for, and select Generate.

  4. The access token appears. Copy it, because it won't be displayed again.

  5. Select Finish.

4 - Top

How many top-scored CVEs to retrieve for each device IP address. (optional, default: 10)

5 - SSL

Use SSL for connection (optional, default: false).


Please perform a connection test to ensure there is a valid connection to the Cyber X host. When the discovery operation finalized you will be able to see the details on Assets page.

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