RSA Archer

Connection Requirements

1 - IP

IP Address of RSA Archer.

2 - Port

Port number (optional, default: 443).

3 - Username

The username which is going to be used by OctoXLabs CSAM PLATFORM Asset to fetch data from RSA Archer.

4 - Password

The Password of the provided username.

5 - List Separator

Your list separator ( default: |).

6 - Hostname Field

Your custom hostname header.

7 - Application Module ID

Module ID of the applications in your report. (optional, default: 70)

8 - Device Module ID

Module ID of the devices in your report. (optional, default: 71)

9 - Instance Name

Instance Name for Authentication.

10 - Report ID or GUID

Report ID or GUID for Search Report.

11 - SSL

Use SSL for connection (optional, default: Unencrypted).


Please perform a connection test to ensure there is a valid connection to the RSA Archer host. When the discovery operation finalized you will be able to see the details on Assets page.

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